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Piano Tuning

The Best in Piano Tuning, Repairs, Restoration and Refurbishment. (Serving South Carolina since 1924)

Rice Music offers Steinway Factory Authorized Technicians with over 50 years of experience in tuning and repair work. They also specialize in refurbishments, refinishing work and even total restoration of a piano.  Rice Music has satisfied thousands of customers in over 94 years of offering the most competitive pricing, a 100% customer satisfaction promise, and the Rice Music House warranty.

Basic Tuning and Repair Service:
We offer Basic tuning and repair service throughout the state of South Carolina, Monday thru Friday between 9am and 5:30pm.  All brands of pianos are serviced. Whether you have purchased the piano from us (or any one else) we offer the best piano service and repair in the state of South Carolina.

Complete Action Work and Maintenance:
Steinway and other brands served by a Steinway Fectory certified technician with over 50 years of experience. Whether your piano needs basic action work and maintenance  with voicing, action regulation and tone regulation, Rice Music House can help you at very competitive prices and with warranty.

Complete Piano Restoration, Refurbishment or total restoration Services:
If you need just basic refinishing or touch up work,  some refurbishment, or even total restoration, Rice Music house will offer you these services with no cost to the employee. From simple belly and Sound board work, to refinishing the case to all action work including new hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens and more Rice Music House have restored and rebuilt hundreds of pianos over the years.

Piano Appraisals and Evaluation:                                                                                                                                       We also offer complete Piano Appraisal, Inspection and Valuation services. The scope of these services can vary from a basic phone appraisal to a complete inspection and valuation of the piano.  As a part of our Complete Inspection and Valuation appraisal,  here our piano experts come and inspect your piano and prepare a detailed report of the piano. We check the cabinet, the action, the keys, the hammers, the sound board, the bridges, the pin-block, all action parts and all other components of the piano. We then find out the history of the piano with regards to age and customer information (if available). We then send you the copy of the report along with the market value of the piano, its repair and refurbishments or maintenance needs etc. These services are provided by us for a fee depending on the type of appraisal. The fees can range from $45.00 to $325.00. For more details about these appraisals and services. Please contact us here at Rice Music House.

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