Rice Music House offers individual, customized, private private piano lessons for all ages
with programs for students ranging from basic beginner to advanced performance.  Our new facility customizes your experience based on your specific needs and requirements. Adults and children take lessons in our studios.

We believe that studying piano is one of life’s most motivating, affirming and enjoyable activities and we strive to provide a positive and encouraging environment for all students. Our teaching facility is the best in Columbia, and we are fully committed to offering the best and the most diverse piano lesson programs for all ages as we endeavor to provide the highest quality learning experience.

The Teaching faculty consists of:

• Dr. Cherisse Miller DMA University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

• Mr. Jared Jones  Finishing his Doctoral Program at the Univeristy of South Carolina, Columbia, SC  (Final Semester)

Lessons are offered Monday thru Friday afternoons from 3pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Both 30 minute and 60 minute programs are available, and lesson programs are offered as Trimester Lesson Programs, consisting of 14-16 Individual Customized Private lessons.

We also offer private lessons by the month. (Tuition is paid at the beginning of each month for the number of lessons that will be taught.)

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  1. Interested in music lessons. Please contact me with more information at 803-446-8438.

    Brittney Robinson
  2. I am an adult looking to take piano lessons and would like more information on prices. Thanks in advance.

    Misael Vazquez
  3. Misael, please call us at (803) 254-2777, or download the registration form here. Thanks, Rice Music House

    Rice Music House

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