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Rent a Piano for a Song
Rent Then Own
The STEINWAY Rent Then Own Program puts STEINWAY-designed Boston and Essex grand and upright pianos well within your reach, with rental prices starting at just $59 per month. Learn more »
5 Browns, For 5 Art-Case Steinways
STEINWAY ARTISTS The 5 Browns recently gave a performance at Florida State University’s Ruby Diamond Concert Hall in Tallahassee, Florida, premiering together five showcase Steinways onstage. Learn more »
Yes, Why Not?
STEINWAY ARTIST Lalo Schifrin, who penned the theme for Mission: Impossible, remains a composer for all seasons. Read more »
Spirio Spotlight
This August, STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the world’s finest high resolution player piano, offers Latin jazz and the soothing sounds of summer. Along with the sounds of samba and Kitaro, you’ll find much music to stimulate your senses. Read more »
Latin Jazz and the Soothing Sounds of Summer