Rice Music House offers greater Columbia’s best selection of used and rebuilt pianos!

In our opinion there are four types of used pianos. We at Rice Music House only sell the Original and Restored and Certified and Factory Restored pianos. The four types of used pianos are as follows:

1) Junkers and Clunkers: These pianos are beat up and worn out old pianos that are more than 50 years of age and some newer pianos that have been neglected and not cared for and also abused. We do not sell these pianos. They are the worst pianos for beginning students.

2) Repaired and Refurbished: In our opinion these are Piano Shaped objects that look like a piano. Often times they are poor quality pianos that have been repaired or refurbished by piano tuners and technicians with some patch up repair work to make it playable. But in our opinion these pianos need lot more work and the repairs will have to be constantly continued to make them playable. The repairs and refurbishment work is poor and like a Band Aid which will peel off when used regularly. We do not sell these pianos also because they are not fit even for beginning students and are not starter pianos.

3) Original and Restored: These pianos are pianos in good condition that have been maintained and taken care of by fine technicians and tuners. The customers have made investments in the maintanance of these piano and they play well and sound good. They can be over 35 years of age or older. But are in good shape. Restored pianos are also pianos that have been taken care of and restoration work has been done by qualified technicians and tuners using quality parts and up to good standards as set by the Piano technicians guild. These pianos also play well and sound good. They are good starter pianos for beginning students. We do sell these pianos and come with our Full Trade up Promise Guarantee for up to 5 years. Prices for these pianos start at $1,500 for uprights and just under $6,000.00 for baby grands. They are great starter pianos and also good pianos for amature pianists. Our technicians go over these pianos and make them ready for our customers.

4) Certified and Factory Restored pianos. These pianos are less than 20-25 years old and are in very good condition. Our technicians go over these pianos and go over them and certify them . These pianos come with Rice Music House Used piano warranty for periods ranging from 3years to 5 years. They also come with Rice Music House Full Trade Up Promise guarantee. Factory Restored pianos are generally Steinway and sons pianos restored at the Steinway Factory in New York. These piano ages range from as low as 30 years or as high as over 100 years. The Total restoration work is done at the Steinway Factory in New York and they come with Steinway’s Certificate of Authesity and also come with Steinway Factory warranty.

Our inventory is changing daily, and even hourly in some cases! To get a current updated inventory list, register here today!

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