Used Kohler & Campbell Grand Piano (JUST SOLD)

  • Used Kohler & Campbell Grand

Used Kohler & Campbell Grand Piano (JUST SOLD)

This used Kohler & Campbell grand piano (SOLD)

With a solid Sitka Spruce Sound board, All wood action, Full Sostoneto and functioning third pedal, this Used Kohler & Campbell grand piano is 185 Cms in Length and 158 cms in width. Rich and full sound and tone, easy and touch and feel and beautiful shiny black case.  A great piano for serious pianist.  German Scale Design with individually notched strings for colorful tone.  All wood action for easy touch. German pinblock for tuning stability. Built by one of the largest piano builders, Samick Music Corporation.

Just traded in by a previous Rice Music House customer to a new piano with a Player system. On display at Rice Music House in Columbia, SC.

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