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Steinway Spirio | r

The evolution of the piano continues with Steinway & Sons’ introduction of Spirio | r ; the world’s finest high-resolution player piano system capable of live performance capture and playback.

A revolutionary blend of artistry, craftsmanship and technology, Spirio | r provides artists with powerful new tools of expression, enabling them to access, share and experience performances in high-resolution – enriching connection and intimacy with the beloved Steinway instrument.

In 2015, Steinway launched Spirio, a high-resolution player piano and masterpiece of engineering that, via an iPad, permits listeners to access a vast library of music, virtually indistinguishable from live performance, including music and video of Steinway Artists, as well as Steinway Immortals including Duke Ellington, Glenn Gould, Arthur Rubinstein, and Art Tatum. Each month, the content library available on the Spirio app expands, automatically updated from the Cloud.

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