Samick NEO Digital Piano

  • Samick NEO

Samick NEO Digital Piano

Typically, you listen to the music you play with your ears. Now, listen to it with your eyes and hands as well.

The sounds generated by the Ebony Neo are decorated with design and color that will delight your senses. Please welcome the new multi-sense friendly Ebony Neo, which will entertain your ears, eyes, and tips of your fingers.

The Ebony Neo has a contemporary design that will compliment and décor. The gloss ebony, accented with nickel plated components provides an exquisite design to match your tastes. It features a space saving narrow vertical cabinet that has been engineered to maintain the highest levels of performance. It truly merges the two worlds of digital technology and world class cabinet design in a single package, an instrument that not only looks beautiful in a home, but has the capacity to become its entertainment hub.

For more information, pricing and any available rebates, call (803) 254-2779 or register here!

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