Kawai’s exceptional line of digital hybrid pianos is the result of a never- ending effort to create the world’s most authentic and innovative digital pianos.

For decades, acoustic and digital pianos were positioned on opposite ends of the keyboard instrument spectrum. Acoustic pianos were for the “purists” who would only accept a traditional instrument with non-amplified tone and organic wooden-key touch. Digital pianos were for the “progressives” who coveted the multi-faceted capabilities of the digital realm. Some players found the perfect balance by owning one of each type. But it was only a matter of time before the unique strengths of these divergent directions would converge, allowing players to harness the best attributes of each within a single instrument. Kawai is the only manufacturer to offer three distinct categories of Hybrids: Acoustic Hybrids (traditional acoustic pianos with digital piano functionality, known as “AnyTime Pianos”) and two different styles of Digital Hybrids — one featuring real wooden soundboards and the other with authentic acoustic-style wooden-key actions. Since the introduction of our first hybrid in 2007, Kawai hybrids have won 12 major international awards for excellence — more than any any other maker of hybrid instruments. As you explore these pages, may you discover a Kawai Hybrid that is the perfect fit for your musical skills and aspirations.

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