July 2017

Road Map


USC ColaJazz Camp
Sat, July 15 – Sun, July 16

For students, musicians, jazz enthusiasts and educators… if you sing, play an instrument, or you’re a high school band director, this weekend jazz camp is for you! Everyone will be placed in classes and combos appropriate to your level. If you know nothing about jazz or you’re already out there gigging, we will take you to the next level! Just click here to learn more!

Dom Famularo Drum Clinic 

Tuesday, July 25th
Sims Music
1110 St. Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29210

$10 General Admission
$20 VIP (Includes front row, sticks, t shirt)
FREE for all Freeway Music drum students (just enter promo code STUDENT when checking out)

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Downtown Summertime Showcase and Beach Party
July 16, 2-5pm
Tin Roof

Treble Kids Explorer Camp – Northeast
July 17, 9am-12pm

Elizabeth, JulieAnne, and Zach Recital
July 22, 2-6pm
Columbia College

Treble Kids Explorer Camp – Downtown
July 24, 9am-12pm

Rock Band Showcase
July 29, 1-5pm
Social in Irmo

July 29, 6pm
Lexington County Blowfish Stadium


Summer Closings
Each teacher is given one week in the summer of their choosing for vacation, as part of the four weeks we are closed in a calendar year.  They will notify you of this week ahead of time.

Tip of the MonthImage and Music in the Modern Day

In a recent interview with Vice Magazine’s music website Noisey, Columbia, SC native Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi spoke a little on the importance of image in music.

“The internet is definitely bringing it at a fast pace. Instagram, too, because the visual aesthetic is the first thing you notice with a musician—it completes the picture.” said Bundick speaking on the subject.

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Skipp Pearson


Skipp Pearson Foundation




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Skipp Pearson is a legend. Local to Columbia, Skipp, affectionately known by many in the jazz scene and in general as “Pops,” has been the biggest pioneer for jazz music in this great state.

If you don’t know about him, you should research him here, here, or here.

“Pearson, a Palmetto state native whose career spans more than 50 years collaborating with musical greats like Otis Redding, Wynton Marsalis and Sam Cooke, has also been working behind the scenes for years to promote jazz education in the midlands. Officially named the ‘Ambassador of Jazz Music’ by the South Carolina Senate and House, the 79-year-old started the Skipp Pearson Jazz Foundation toward that end, running programs such as ‘Jazz Under the Stars’ and ‘National Jazz Appreciation Month’ for the city and the state. An important part of the foundation’s work is the stewardship and operation of Le Cafe’ Jazz, which draws tourists to hear the kind of jazz ‘you’d stand in line for if it was in New York City,’ according to foundation executive director Shirley Martin. ‘The cafe’ provides a way to raise money that helps to support the jazz education projects Pops founded,’ she added.” (ColaJazz)

Freeway instructor, jazz pioneer, and friend of Skipp, Mark Rapp, had some very touching words after a recent benefit for Skipp. The following words show the influence that Skipp Pearson had on so many musicians locally and around the world. It sums up the importance of jazz music in society, and in the growth of every musician young and old.

Students, and parents, take note!

“We are a strong and beautiful community of jazz artists and jazz lovers. I am so thankful to be surrounded by you all every week. Pops calls our little city “Jazz Town USA” and I’m beginning to understand the deeper meaning behind it. Jazz is more than the music. It is a life approach. It is embracing the new and unusual with excitement and welcoming curiosity. Jazz encourages communication. It seeks a celebration of life not through superficial means, but by digging in and dealing with the reality of the changes, grappling through the tension and release with style and groove. It faces adversity straight-on and sees it through until we arrive at the finish line excited and satisfied having dealt with it thoroughly and effectively. Jazz demands that one always seeks to better oneself. It requires listening. It asks of us to speak with the most grandiose authority, while at the same time, being immediately willing to celebrate an opposing view and humbly accepting a different outcome. Jazz requires us to love.”