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Find the right piano

Finding the right new or used piano to suit your specific needs is challenging, and the internet is often not a good resource with opinions varying wildly, mostly from a lack of experience.Our experts have more than a century of combined experience matching the best piano possible for the specific home type and application you have in mind.

Fill out this brief questionnaire, and we’ll generate an excellent match for your specific situation, usually within an hour.

    1. Who is the piano for, primarily?
    MyselfSpouse or adult family memberChildEntire familyUniversity, college or schoolPerformance venueHouse of Worship

    2. What do you intend as the primary use for the piano? (required)
    Learning to playAdvanced home playingHome entertainmentPerformanceDecoration

    3. What is the level of experience for the primary player? (required)
    No experienceJust LearningIntermediateAdvancedPerformer

    4. What size is the room intended for the piano? (required)
    Small roomMedium (living) roomLarge roomConcert hall or facility

    5. What brands, if any, have a good reputation in your mind?

    6. What kinds of pianos most interest you?
    Acoustic grandAcoustic verticalDigital consoleDigital grandPlayer piano

    7. What is your price range? (required)

    8. Which best describes your piano need? (required)
    to enhance home beautyfor a family member to practicefor a professional careerfor home entertainmentjust want to have fun

    9. What type of finish would best match your decor?

    10. Do you currently own a piano?
    A piano, possibly to trade inA piano, but not to trade inA digital piano or keyboardNot currently

    11. Is anyone helping you decide on a piano?

    12. How long have you been looking for a piano?
    Just started1-2 months3-6 monthsAbout a yearLonger than a year

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